Nutrition Coaching

Exercise and good nutrition go hand-in-hand when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. While one without the other may be effective for the short term, the results are never as noticeable or as sustainable as when you combine the two. At MaxEdge we’ve got you covered on both fronts!

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“When it comes to nutrition coaching, I prefer not to get overly caught up in counting calories. I don’t like to give people long lists of foods they need to restrict. Instead I help my clients to create a balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. In life, and nutrition, it’s all about finding a healthy balance. We’ll work together to achieve your health goals which can include reaching and maintaining your optimal weight, reducing food cravings, improving sleep patterns and gaining more energy.”

Nancy Collins - Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist

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30-minute coaching session:

$50 (or pre-pay 3 sessions for $125)

  • Individual nutritional guidance tailored to suit your specific goals.

  • Weight and body measurement tracking.

  • Body Composition Analysis using Bio-electric Impedance Analyzer.

  • Review of optional electronic food log.

  • Access to email support between meetings.

Body Composition and Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis: a great tool for gauging progress that goes far beyond the number on the scale.

$35 for MaxEdge members/$45 for non-members.